The Noahic Covenant

The Noahic Covenant

The second covenant our Creator made with humanity was with Noah. Noah is very much like Adam. They were both given the command to replenish the earth. They both have three sons named in scripture. They both put something in their mouth they should not have. They both are fathers of humanity.

The Noahic Covenant is special. It gave us physical evidence of our Creator in every rainbow. It continues the unfolding drama discovered when reading the Bible as a divinely preserved book.

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The Adamic Covenant

The Adamic Covenant

A Bible covenant is an agreement between God and humanity that operates much like a contract. All of God’s covenants with humanity originate in His grace. And it is a good thing! Man’s disobedience broke the first covenant, but God’s grace enabled the relationship to continue.

Looking for these covenants as you read the Bible makes Bible reading personal. The Adamic Covenant is the first of several the reader connects the Bible’s storyline.

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The Coming New Age

The Coming New Age

In our previous post, we saw the Bible’s Old Testament tells the story of humanity’s relationship with the Creator through three Ages of government:

  • Age of Creation
  • Age of Conscience
  • Age of Law

The New Testament continues the drama and leads to a better ending. Every Age begins because of the failure in its predecessor. There is coming an Age that will finally blend into Eternal bliss:

  • It is not the one we are in; Age of Church
  • Surprisingly, it is not even the next Age to come; Age of Kingdom
  • There is a sixth Age in Scripture that we all yearn to see: the Age of Perfection.
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