The Noahic Covenant

The second covenant our Creator made with humanity was with Noah. Noah is very much like Adam. They were both given the command to replenish the earth. They both have three sons named in scripture. They both put something in their mouth they should not have. They both are fathers of humanity.

The Noahic Covenant is special. It gave us physical evidence of our Creator in every rainbow. It continues the unfolding drama discovered when reading the Bible as a divinely preserved book.

Abel was murdered by his own brother, Cain. Humanity’s first murderer went on to build the first city. Cities of Cain’s descendants flourished to dominate post-Eden culture. And that culture was displeasing to the Creator. God sent a great flood that destroyed humanity save for Noah’s family. Multiple cultures have preserved the account of a universal flood in their oral and written histories.

The second covenant between God and Man is known as the Noahic Covenant. This Covenant corresponds with the Age of Conscience. It was promised to Noah before the flood (Genesis 6:18) and given after waters receded from the earth (Genesis 9:1-7). The fellowship with God was conditioned on human government.

To replenish and subdue

The Covenant begins with giving Noah the same commission as Adam! Noah, like Adam, was commanded to replenish the earth. What is noticeable, however, is the change in relationship with the animal kingdom. Earth’s non-human inhabitants now fear homo sapiens contrasting the original friendly relationship.

To eat meat of animals

The Covenant continues underscoring the change in relationship with the animal kingdom. Noah was informed that the humanity was to supplement its sustenance with meat. This appears to be in contrast as God stated, even as the green herb (Genesis 9:3). The New Testament preserves this teaching going as far as to state it is a doctrine of devils to teach abstinence from meat (see 1 Timothy 4:1-5).

To punish taking of human life

The Covenant emphasises a shift from individual conscience being a guide (as before the Flood) to collective conscience being accountable to the Creator. Capital punishment was introduced as the price of human murder.

The differences between Noah’s Covenant and Adam’s give insight to the Antediluvian era. The Cainite civilization lost during the Great Flood apparently valued the life of animals over that of humans. The vegetarian diet celebrated in Cain’s offering the Creator was in rebellion to God’s example of shedding the blood of a lamb when Adam and Eve sinned. In mercy, God gave an unconditional Covenant with Noah. Going a step further, the Covenant was sealed with a promise to never destroy civilization again with a Great Flood (Genesis 9:8-17). Climate Change has been an ongoing process since the atmospheric changes created by the Great Flood. To believe, however, that the water levels will rise to flood out civilization is to doubt God’s promise.

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